Shahid Afridi Hits One Handed Six in Australia

In the grounds of Australia, the boundaries have been longer than the boundaries in Subcontinent or any other cricket grounds in the world. Hitting sixes in those grounds have been very difficult. But Shahid Afridi, the bowling all rounder from Pakistan hit a huge six one handed straight over the head of world class leg spinner Shane Warne.

Crowd in Australia that had come in the ground to see the match got stunned after watching that huge six. The amazing hitting power of Shahid Afridi stunned the crowd by hitting that six with his one hand only. The great leg spinner Shane Warne also could not believe that the right hander who was known for his short stay at the crease could hit him that far.

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Pakistan had scored one hundred and sixty one for the loss of six wickets in the thirty ninth over when the leg break bowler started the first ball of his ninth over. Shane Warne has been pretty economical in his first spell of eight overs and he had taken two wickets for giving away just thirty three runs. Pakistan’s middle order batsman Muhammad Yousaf was accompanying Shahid Afridi.

Famous leg spinner of Australia had some little battles in the previous games as well when Shahid Afridi from Pakistan had hit him couple of sixes. When Shane Warne bowled a full pitched delivery, the hard hitting batsmen came out of his crease and lofted the ball straight over the head of the leg break bowler.

Captain of Australia also got stunned with this huge six from the Pakistani all rounder. The commentators also got shocked after watching this one handed six by the Pakistani hard hitting batsman. Unluckily Shahid Afridi was run out in the same over while having miscommunication with Muhammad Yousaf. The Leg break bowler took a relief in the end.

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