Shahid Afridi Hits 8 Runs in England County

Shahid Afridi in England county hit the most longest hit that was rewarded as 8 runs. This was the first time that a batsman was able to hit more than six runs in a cricket match. The crowd was so happy to see the entertaining innings of Shahid Afridi. Dominic Cork tried to deceive the all rounder by bowling a slow ball short pitch delivery but Shahid Afridi was up to the task. He hit the ball full power and the ball traveled to the second story of the stadium. Umpire decided to give 8 runs instead of six due to the distance it traveled.

England county match was scheduled to be held just to raise funds for the charity purpose. Shahid Afridi and other top class players from other countries were also called in to play. The spectators knew that Shahid Afridi had a good reputation so they all turned in the cricket stadium to see the hard hitting cricket. Dominic Cork another man from Great Britain was also part of the team that was bowling.

Dominic Cork did not have that much pace to beat the bat of the batsman. On the other hand, Shahid Afridi had all the power to lift the ball towards the sky. He hit the ball of Dominic Cork to the top stand of the cricket stadium.

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