Shahid Afridi Hits 2 Sixes on 3 Balls

Shahid Afridi Hits 2 Sixes on 3 Balls. David Warner showed love for Shoaib Akhtar during the IPL match. Such incident happened when both the cricketer and the film actress were invited in the program for discussion. During the program they both had happy moments together. Shoaib Akhtar was sitting along side the film actress in the IPL match and talked about his own dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar.

Katrina Kaif liked Pakistani fast bowler so much that she started to hold his hand in the program of IPL match show. Cricket fans started talking about it when video was shared and watched by many people during IPL cricket league. Every cricket fan of Pakistan started talking about that incident. Pakistan fast bowler has been very popular in the cricket fans of India as well.

Indian media had a contract with the fast bowler since he was liked by the crowd in India and among showbiz people as well. Lady looked to have mingled with the company of men who were doing IPL match show. Pakistani fast bowler started doing commentary and giving expert opinions in the program during IPL cricket league. Nobody ever thought that Shoaib would be liked and loved by the Bollywood actress as well.

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