Shahid Afridi Fastest Century Record

Shahid Afridi Fastest Century Record. The played slog sweep to the bowler who was bowling off spin and the ball came under the radar of Afridi. He cleared the boundary rope quite easily without using much power and alarmed the opposition to watch out his thunder batting.

Boom Boom Afridi came to bat after the dismissal of Adam Gilchrist, the captain of Deccan Charges. The star cricketer was promoted up the order due to his reputation of hitting sixes. Therefore he hit the six on the very first ball which he faced after coming onto crease. He timed the ball perfectly while slog sweeping towards square leg and cleared the boundary line easily.

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It was not very easy for Boom Boom Afridi to start on slot very early after losing openers so early. However, facing Pathan, Afridi was very confident and strong like ever. His batting started in usual style. Pathan tried to impress the Pakistani power hitter with short pitch balls. Afridi responded very strongly and sent the ball out of the park.

After hitting the very first ball out of ground, Boom Boom Afridi got back his confidence. Shahid Afridi has always been very confident in batting against the Indian bowlers. He has played in the IPL for a very short period of time but made his impression very strongly. Pakistani players are not part of the IPL any more but their memories and lime light still shades the performance of others.

Many other Pakistani players have appeared in the IPL during different times. Especially Abdul Razzaq and Akmal brothers have made impression in Indian Premier League. Fans still wants Pakistani players back in the IPL. Boom Boom Afridi will impress again many others in the IPL if included.

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