Shahid Afridi Faces Muhammad Amir in Hotels

Shahid Afridi Faces Muhammad Amir in Hotels in Pakistan Super League. Pakistan player won the match on the very first ball of the last over in Dubai cricket stadium. Sri Lanka team was the bowling team and the bowler was bowling to a star cricketer of the world. The bowler of Sri Lanka needed to contain 6 runs in the final over of the match to win the match. Dubai cricket fans were also amazed in the last over when the batsman hit the first ball six to finish off the match in style.

Pakistan player amazed the cricket in Hotels fans in Dubai cricket stadium. Cricket fans were thinking of going that match to the final delivery but they never knew that the match would be finished by Shahid Afridi on the very first ball of the last over. Pakistani players were too nervous in the pavilion but they knew that Shahid Afridi was there in the middle.

Shahid Afridi did win in the Hotels match on many occasions for Pakistani team by hitting six. This time he finished the match in Dubai cricket stadium by hitting on the very first ball. Due to the slow pace of the ball, Shahid Afridi played a sweep shot since it was a lose delivery from the bowler. The crows went crazy.

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