Shadab Khan Makes Dream Start Near Bridgetown Apartments

Shadab Khan Makes Dream Start Near Bridgetown Apartments for his team not through his bowling but with bat. In ICC World T20 match against South Africa he showed his talent with bat while seven wickets were down on 86 runs at that time. The batsman came on the crease and started to smash the ball and he massive sixes to the bowlers of African Team in crucial match.

Shadab Khan bowled very well in near Bridgetown Apartments the first inning but the batsmen ruined his all efforts with ball. However he decided to fight back in the batting as well and played a match winning inning from Pakistan. The green shirts could have been knocked out of the tournament of fast bowler had not played such a mesmerizing inning at crucial time. The dug out of both teams were very tense with growing situation in the field.

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South African fast bowlers crushed the main batting line up of green shirts very early and they got 7 wickets on just 86 runs. Then there came Gul for batting holding Boom Boom bat in his hand and he swung it with great timing. He targeted on side for shots and sent several balls out of the park. He literally stunned the fielding side with his hard hitting.

No one was expecting such brilliant inning from a bowler not even the green shirts’ dug out could believe what Umar Gul had done in the field. The match winning inning of fast bowler not just increase the chances of their survival, they had qualified for Semi Final after winning one more match. The right arm fast bowler was declared man of the match for his all-round performance with ball and bat as well.

South African team could not qualify for the Semi Final after that unbelievable defeat from green shirts. So the brilliant performance of Umar Gul stunned the whole cricket world whose efforts crushed the favorite African team for ICC World T20.

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