Scientists Invent Incredible Technology for Blind Mother

Science and technology have helped human being to do incredible things which normally no one could imagine. An example of such incident got viral on social media which is the modern way of spreading this creative news. Different scientists’ effort paid them off when they were able to make a blind mother see her first baby child.

This technology was not less than a miracle for the blind mother. She could never imagine after being sightless since her many years that she could ever be able to see her child in her life. But the scientists had different views as they were quite hopeful that their new invention was to be succeeded sooner or later.

Kathy Beitz was a blind lady as she had lost her sight. She had gone through different tests and operations but she never was able to see the beautiful life with her eyes. After the marriage she and her husband were very ecstatic as they were blessed with beautiful baby boy. The only thing which made them dejected was that the mother could not see her first child.

Since science and the technology have started to play a vital role in human being’s life, so it turned out to be nonetheless a miracle for them as they got to know an amazing innovation which was known as esight glasses. So right after the birth of baby the scientists and doctors planned to use this technology to make the mother see her child too.

Glasses with new technology were handed over to Kathy, the mother of a beautiful child. It looked like a swimming goggles at first sight. When the mother used these glasses she could not believe that she was actually seeing her child and her father too. She loved the moment and thanked both the scientists and to the God as well at the same time.

Science and Technology Make Blind Mother Happy

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