Scientist Embraces Islam after Examining Pharaoh Mummy

French scientist converted his religion and became Muslim after watching the analytical report on the death of notorious Pharaoh. The Holy book had already told about his death and the whole incident has been mentioned some fourteen hundred years ago. After listening and reading the verses about notorious king’s death the Professor Maurice embraced Islam.

The famous Scientist Maurice carried out an analysis with his colleagues when ordered by their president to know about the facts of Pharaoh’s death. The incident of the notorious leader’s death has been mentioned in the Holy Book. He was the one who disobeyed Allah and went against the teachings of Islam.

Hazrat Moses (PBUH) was sent to his tribe to save the nation from his ill deeds but he kept on denying Allah and Hazrat Moses. Then Hazrat Moses was asked to take the nation of that tribe to some other place so that they could live according to the teaching of Islam. The pharaoh then ordered his army men to follow the nation and destroy them.

The Scientists had discovered the death of Pharaoh as a result of drowning in the sea. The Quran also revealed it that when he and his men were following the nation of Israel leading by Hazrat Moses, they were drowned in the sea while the others who obeyed Allah had gone through the sea by the order of Allah. Some Christians and Jews have the views that he was not drowned into sea instead he died physical due to the sickness.

Scientist Maurice had also analyzed that his mummy had the signs of salts when its different experiments were carried out to find out the reason. Then Maurice was told about the verses of Quran which had revealed the same things 1400 years ago. He went to meet Muslims and read the Quran himself. He got amazed by its facts that verified their analysis. He was really amazed and embraced Islam.

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