Scary Valley Surprised People

A valley in Saudi Arabia surprised and scared people by its unique characteristic. It has slope on the roads which is upside down. Due to its downward slope on the roads the cars were supposed to go down on the roads with greater speeds. But the amazing part of that place on the roads is that the cars despite of downward slope stop to move and drive back automatically if the ignition is switched off.

The valley became famous for it’s so called magnetic field as at that particular are of the roads the cars’ speed drop down and they drive back automatically as if some magnetic thing drag them back towards the upward slope. Some have experimented with their cars and drove towards the upward slope. It was quite surprising that on that upwards slope their cars drove automatically with putting feet on the race.

The ignition was also switched off the cars but the magnetic force related to this road pulled the car upwards on the upward slope while the driver took off the key and released the race as well. They all got surprised as their car was being driven by that magnetic force towards upward direction automatically at the speed of hundred kilometers per hour.

Since then this valley got fame and was also called as ghost valley. Some people related this part of the roads to the incident of Prophet (PBUH)’s camel. They told the Prophet (PBUH) asked some non Muslims to take the camel with them and make the sick person drink its milk. That person’s health got back but the female camel felt lonely without the Prophet (PBUH) and it ran on these roads so Allah had shortened that way for female camel to go back.

Foreigners have also visited this valley and they got surprised as well since firstly when they heard of such characteristic of that place they did not believe it. But when they themselves sat in their cars and went on the roads of that ghost place. They believed it to be a surprising place.

Ghost Valley Surprised Everyone

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