Scandal of University Professor Surprises People

Scandal of university professor surprised everyone and shocked all the students as well. The incident involved the professor of the institute Iftikhar Hussain harassing the female student of Master of Philosophy who has also been the employee of the institute as well. The scandal was revealed in a TV program that was very popular of its true stories.

The Punjab University has been the famous university since it was formed quite some years ago and has been the top class institute in the country. Students from all over the country have been studying in this institute due to its reputation in studies. Its teachers and professor have been highly qualified throughout the history of the institute.

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The scandal revealed in the program really shocked everyone when a female student came up to the program organizers so that she could complain about the shameful act of harassing her by the professor of that famous institute. The female student and part time employee had revealed some facts about the teachers and the professor of a department who was involved in doing shameful act with her.

Bad act by the university professor had denied all the complaints about that female student. The host of the program has also been teaching in some esteemed institutes for many years. And he has all the knowledge about the relations of teacher and students. The host also told some shocking facts about some issues and shameful acts by the teachers with the students.

Professor of Punjab University has been denying all the allegations on him which were told by the female student in a program telecasted earlier. The host of the show came up with another program on the same issue regarding the shameful act of that professor with the student. In that show he showed all the proofs and revealed that the committee that was given task to verify the facts, had proven all the allegations to be true.

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