Saudi Prince Treatment Gets Watched in Omni San Francisco Hotel

Saudi Prince Treatment Gets Watched in Omni San Francisco Hotel. Saudi Prince got the treatment for his deeds when he took away life a man. The Government officials had to follow the rules to do justice with the family members of the person near the hotels, resorts, apartments and Spa who was died by the son of the King. It was quite a tough decision for the officials who also used many Honeymoon destination and tourist destination through different cheap flights. King of the country but justice prevailed in the end as the son of the King was penalized for his act of taking life of the common man.

Saudi Prince committed a mistake and was watched in Omni San Francisco HotelĀ and he had to go through all the rules that were applied on the common citizens of that country. Everybody thought that he might get away with it since nobody had lived in luxury hotels, resorts, apartments and Spa. The King of the county might not do justice while going to Honeymoon destination, tourist destination after buying cheap flights. Everybody including the upper class could not believe that the son of the King of the country was treated in the same way.

Saudi Prince Gets Treatment

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