Salman Khan gets in Trouble Again

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has got in fresh trouble again. Salman Khan, who has been accused in cases of illegal hunting and hitting a man while driving being drunk, has once again got in trouble when a local court ordered airport police to register FIR against him in cases of threatening and dacoity.

Ravindra Moret Deodi, a social activist has accused Salman Khan and his guards for assaulting him during a flight from Mumbai to Delhi last year. This has put superstar in trouble again. According to the senior officer of airport police RC Naghbir, the applicant Deodi was taking some important documents against the non eligibility of member of BJP Gopi Nath Munday. Deodi said he had to hand over these documents to the Government officials. But Salman Khan and his guard came in that flight and assaulted him.

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Applicant also said that Salman Khan with his guards snatched those important documents from him. According to the Police, Deodi further reported that he was assaulted by them and when he went on to report FIR against them to the airport police, the airport police refused to take any action against him and did not register any complaint against the Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

Deodi has been pursuing this case for the last five to six months. And now he has succeeded in his efforts when the court has ordered to file FIR against Salman Khan and his security guards allegedly for assaulting the applicant, decoity and for destroying the peace of the country.

This has not happened for the first time when the Bollywood star actor has been accused for different reasons. In the past it has happened many times when he got in trouble in such cases. But this time it has really worried the Bollywood superstar. Previously he was accused of hurting religious sentiments of people in India through his movie.

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