Sailing Boat Crushed by Giant Whale in Ocean

A small sailing boat got crushed by a big giant whale in the ocean of Australia. All the boaters felt very lucky to be missed by the attack of the whale. They were three in numbers and it was not for the first time they entered into this ocean. They have been coming to this ocean for quite long time for catching the fish for their weekend meals. This time they were attacked by giant creature of the deep blue waters.

The boaters had used this sailing boat many times during their adventure in the deep ocean of Australia. It has been the safest of the ocean for catching the fish in this season. They had planned it one week before coming for this trip. All the necessary measurements were taken before the day arrived. They have had successful adventurous outings in the past in the same ocean several times.

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There were other boats too who had also gone in the sea for the same purpose. Some of them were using big sailing boats. The location was cleared for any weather outburst as it has been the coolest and the calm week in Australia. The boaters who got the permission to go fishing had amazing swimming skills since they learnt it especially for this purpose of fishing.

The sailing boat was cruising towards the middle of the ocean along with the other boats. But they had found some stuff for the fishing at some distance and did not need to go further. But these boaters had different thoughts for finding their victims. Suddenly a big giant whale shocked them with its appearance just near to their boat.

Other sailing boats were stationed at some distance when they all saw a big whale attacking and crushing the small boat. One of the boaters had captured this incident with his mobile phone. He could not believe what he was witnessing at this point in the ocean. All the men of that boat jumped out in the sea and remained there until the whale had its failed attempt and went away. Then the boaters got sigh of relief and jumped back in the boat and came back.

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