Rimmington Misses Opportunity

Rimmington missed the opportunity of run out on the final ball when one run was needed by the batting side. Amazing match of the Big Bash League in Australia surprised so many people sitting in the stadium. Nobody could believe that the last deliveries of the match could have such sensational moments in Australia. Two run outs were successful off the bowling of the bowler that lost the easy opportunity on the last ball as he hit the bails with his arm and bails were dislodged before he could run him out.

Rimmington could  not believe when the ball had been dislodged before he tried to remove the bail on the last delivery in the Big Bash League in Australia. one run was needed on the last ball since two wickets were given to the bowling side on the last two balls. The bowler had the chance to make three out of three opportunities for run out.

Australia bowler had to keep his body away from removing the bail. The third umpire found out on the last ball that the bowler missed the chance to run out despite of the fact that the bail was dislodged before the batsman arrived for the winning run.

3 Runs on 3 Balls and 3 Run Out Opportunities

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