Rimmington Bowls Sensational Over in Big Bash League

Rimmington bowled sensational last over in the Big Bash League of Australia. Kevin Pietersen was also playing for the batting side and he also played his part. That last over bowled by the bowler of Australia turned out to be the most unlucky. His team of Big Bash League had all the chance to win it on the final delivery.

Rimmington was the main bowler who was very successful in the Big Bash League. The captain asked him to bowl the last ball. last three deliveries of that Big Bash League in Australia were amazing since all the people got a real thriller to watch. Batting side had six wickets left and all the people thought that batting side would win the match comfortably.

Cricket fans witness a real thriller when the last three balls of that match surprised everyone. Three run out chances were give to the bowling side. Australia grounds were very huge so that boundary lines were long too. On the third ball of the last over, the batsman hit the shot in the outfield but the fielder missed the ball and the batsmen took two runs but they lost a wicket on run out.

Rimmington had all the confidence in his bowling that he could restrict the batsmen for getting the target. Australia commentators got really excited as one run was needed on the last two balls. Second last ball of the Big Bash League also caused a run out and the team had lost another wicket on run out. Two wickets were given to the bowling side.

Rimmington did a wonderful job by running the batsman out when the throw was thrown to his end. Excitement was at its peak in Australia in the Big Bash league. It all came up on the final ball and the batting side needed one run to win. The bowler was unlucky that he could not dislodge the bail on the final delivery when he got the opportunity.

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