Reports of Angels Near Makkah Hotels Goes Viral

Reports of Angels Near Makkah Hotels Goes Viral. The video of this incident has attracted lots of Muslims including non Muslims as well. In that video the reflection of some white appearance has been shown and some people have been reporting it to be the angles on the Khana Kaaba roof on the occasion of Hajj.

Makkah Hotels have been the holy most holy place for all the Muslims all around the globe and it has been seen that on the occasion of Hajj, the capacity of that holy place has been over crowded. An unusual video went viral on social media and in the newspapers where it was reported that an angel was seen on the top of the roof of the Khana Kaaba.

Although courtesy that video it could be seen quite visibly that some white appearance has landed on the roof and people of some certain groups on social media have been calling it to be the white angel. However no authenticity of the video has been confirmed by any of the officials of the government of Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country.

In the city of Makkah Hotels, where the holy religious activity Hajj was being performed by lots of people, someone on the social media uploaded a video of strange incident. Some Muslims on the social media have been calling it to be real video and was captured by the Muslim man who was also present on the occasion of Hajj.

The authority of Makkah, has denied such rumors about the angles being seen on the roof of the holy place. Some people including Muslims have also given statements that this video was propaganda and it did not have any reality in it. However still the video of that incident being viewed and shared many times on the social media.

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