Reporting in Storm Brings Trouble for News Anchor

News anchor of a private news channel got in trouble when she was giving live updates of the weather conditions from the open area of the city. She had to go through these tough conditions of weather as she has never faced such bad situation throughout her journalism career. The host of the program of that news channel had to get live updates from all over the country.

The news anchor started giving live updates nicely but the wind got heavier during the reporting. She was having umbrella in her one hand and holding the microphone in the other hand. The cameraman that was shooting this live footage also had some trouble during the rain and heavy wind but he also wanted to continue so that could finish the reporting.

The news channel host had to ask reporter from different cities of the country as the raining season just started. Although it was raining in other cities as well but the journalist present in those cities did not have any difficulty during the reporting. The female reporter only had troubles in this particular city as the weather was really bad at that moment.

The news anchor wanted to continue the reporting as early as possible but the storm made her cry during the reporting as the wind at took the umbrella off from her head and she could not speak anymore. She started to cry as the things were out of control. The cameraman of that news channel also could not continue the live coverage and had to stop shooting as the female reporter left the scene.

That moment for news anchor was the worst experience of reporting as she had never faced such terrible weather conditions throughout her career. The video of the live reporting could not be continued as the female reporter of the news channel left the focus of the camera and almost fell on due to the strong wind.

News Anchor Cries During Reporting

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