Real Shark Catches Man Near Siberian Beach

Real Shark Catches Man Near Siberian Beach when he was playing with it and tried to feed with the animal feed. The incident was quite shocking for all the people standing there watching the sharks in the sea. The man never expected this attack from the animal since he was trying to feed it and playing with it. Just at that moment the sea animal unexpectedly attacked his arm.

The shark attack at Siberian Beach with its mouth and darted at man’s hand. The man although did not panic and tried very hard to get his arm released from the sudden attack of that animal from the sea. People standing there got shocked and started shouting after watching this incident. One of the friends of that man tried to help out by catching the mouth of the big fish.

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Man’s friend tried to grip the mouth of the big fish and tried to open it up so that his friend could take his hand back out of sea animal’s mouth. But the grip of the fish was so strong that he could not take out his hand from its mouth. The brave guy pulled the fish out of the sea and pushed the mouth of the animal but the grip on his hand was strong that he just fell down.

The shark at Siberian Beach was not a big one but it had strong grip on the hand of the guy. The brave guy tried to sit on the fish while it was being taken out of the sea, still he could not manage to rescue himself. After quite some time with the help of other people at last the guy in trouble rescued his hand.

Luckily the shark did not hurt him badly since it was being given animal feed by that guy. Although due to its big strong teeth the guy got some scars on his hand and arm. This incident of the sea animal was not the first one that happened when people were attacked by such fish, there have been many other incidents happened in the past as well.

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