Real Mermaid Appears Near Beach Resort on Rock

Near beach resort on the mountain a real mermaid was seen by two foreigners. Two friends had gone to the sea and were standing at the beach. They were capturing the beautiful scene of the waves in the sea that attracted everybody. One of the friends who were holding the camera pointed a rock in the sea.

Beautiful scenes near beach resort were so amazing that people present at the beach could not live without capturing them in their cameras. There were lots of waves in the sea that were hitting the rocks. The friend that had camera with him saw something sitting on the rock in the sea. It seemed to be a seal to him but he was not sure about that.

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The other friend that had camera did not agree with his friend as he could not see it properly. He asked his friend, how he could zoom in the camera so that he could be able to see that thing closely which looked a seal on the rock to him. The moment camera was zoomed in; both of the friends could not believe what they just saw.

From the beach resort they both just saw a real mermaid sitting on the rock. They both got stunned and could not believe on their eyes. They both were shouting that there was mermaid sitting on the rock in the sea. Both of them were excited as well after looking at the mermaid that had gone in the sea again.

Near beach resort, the appearance of the real mermaid surprised everyone. The video of that amazing creature in the sea was captured by their camera. This video went viral on the internet and on social media as well. Many other tourists also came up to see that sea where that strange sea animal was seen.

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