Real Ghost Gets Caught on CCTV Camera

CCTV camera that was placed in the corridor of the hospital caught a real ghost when a man was going through the corridor. The incident happened in the night when the man was going out of the hospital alone to get something. He did not what was going to happen with him in the corridor. The man has been using the same way since he entered the hospital.

CCTV camera footage showed that as the man passed near the exit of the corridor of the hospital he was hit by a ghost that could be seen in the footage as there was kind of shadow who hit the man hard. The man fell down on the floor as he was hit by the ghost in the corridor of the hospital. The real ghost did not only make him fall down on the floor but also tried to pull the leg of the man.

That hospital usually get quite silent in the night and the management of the hospital has been going through all the footages that were recorded in their database but never anything unusual was recorded earlier throughout the history of the hospital.

The CCTV camera footage really scared the hospital management when it was watched by all the staff members and management of the hospital. Nobody believed the man who told them the story of the incident in which he was hit by the real ghost in the night and it also tried to pull its leg. The management never believed that man and wanted to watch the footage.

CCTV camera footage proved the man right as everybody watched the surprising incident that was kept by the video in the database of the hospital staff. They could not believe their eyes as they watched the real ghost themselves.

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