Real Ghost Captured in CCTV Camera Scares People

CCTV camera footage scared the hospital staff and the doctors when it captured the real ghost who hit the man who was going through the corridor of the hospital. The incident happened in the night when the man had to go outside the hospital to bring something. He was quite busy in his thoughts but as he reached the exit of the hospital corridor he was hit by the real ghost.

CCTV camera recorded the video of the incident of the real ghost hitting and pulling the man in the night. He told the story to the hospital staff about the scary real ghost but nobody believed him but soon it proved to be right when the staff members watched the whole video of the incident that scared everybody.

It was the most shocking incident that ever happened in the hospital. The staff members of the hospital were pretty amazed to see the real ghost as they always believed that it has happened only in the buildings that were vacant and were not being occupied by any resident.

Real ghost in CCTV camera footage went viral on the social media and it was reported to be the most watched video on the internet because of the unusual appearance of the real ghost in the corridor of the hospital. It was said that the man went back to his room where he was taking care of one of the patient that was admitted in the hospital and never tried to go out of the hospital in the night.

CCTV camera was placed in the corridor of the hospital due to the security concerns but nobody ever thought that it was going to capture something like real ghost who was only hear in the movies. The video was as scary of the real ghost as it showed the real ghost. The shadow of the real ghost hit the man hard in the hospital corridor.

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