Real Face of University Professor Shocks Students

Real face of university professor shocked all the students, especially female students when a scandal was revealed by the news channel of a private channel. All the viewers were really amazed at the shameful act of a professor of reputed institute of the country. The host of the program had revealed shocking news about the professor harassing a female student.

The University management had been very quite on the same allegation against him but the female student who has also been the part time employee of the institute said that she had strong evidences against him. Although the professor had denied all the allegations in the previous program conducted by the same channel in the same program yet he could not clarify himself.

The female lady has been the student of the Master of Philosophy and also has been working as part time employee. The student said that she was harassed by the professor and asked many times to do shameful acts which she always denied. The student also told that the professor has been using his attached room in the office for the immoral activities with the female students.

The university had called for an inquiry to inquire about the issue that was really important for all the students and teachers. In the first program the professor denied all the allegations and said that the female student has been lying against him to that she could get fame. But the female student kept on blaming him to be the culprit.

Inquiry commission of University came up with some shocking facts about that incident which was complained by female student. The inquiry committee revealed that all the allegations have been found to be true and the professor has been found guilty. The management of the institute said that a sever actions has been ordered against the professor.

Scandal of University Professor

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