Real Face of Indian Tradition Gets Shown

Indian tradition was shown to the general public when somebody from social media from Pakistan compiled a video and audio funny song. The song video showed that how people of that part of the world has been living their lives ignoring rules of humanity. That video of the strange culture of neighboring country raised some questions about the credibility of Indian way of living life.

The tradition of India has been followed by many people living there but that short documentary also showed their real faces when many of the people were seen drinking urine of the cow and it has been the most important thing for them was to worship the cow. That culture of Indian needed to be revised as many of the countries called it a bad act of drinking that urine.

Another incident was shown in the short documentary when the officials of their country were hit by the shoe of some of the man who was sitting to see them live for the first time. The most shocking story has been told in that video song about the disrespect of some of the women in the country however it was said that they have passed many resolutions of protecting the rights of the women.

In Indian tradition women have been treated badly and according to the government, they have been planning to make some more resolutions passed for the women so they could be protected. Many women without clothes were seen in the documentary protesting against the army men since those women accused them of raping them.

The tradition of Pakistan has been quite different and opposite to each other. They had the culture of doing shameful acts with the girls despite of the fact that they have been given more rights that were to be given to the ladies. On the other hand in the Pakistani culture, women have been given respect as compared to other countries in the world.

Surprising Tradition of India

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