Rare Fight of Camel Shocks the Villagers

A rare fight of camel shocked the villagers when the gathered at huge ground in the tribal areas. All the villagers were quite anxious before the start of the fight as they have never witnessed this fight of the animals of the same class. The fight was announced to be held on the day when it was a local holiday so that every villager of that village could come and witness the famous fight.

The camel owned by the head of the tribe was very much confidant that his animal had all the skills and the physique to bring down the other animal. This sort of fight between these two lions of deserts was very popular in that region since it has been the favorite sport of the people of that tribe. Precautionary measurements were taken in case any animal got hurt during the fight.

The video of this fight between the two big giant animals got viral on social media which are usually famous for their races in the Middle East. This animal is not known for its fight as mostly it is used in the Middle East by the residents for the purpose of racing. They treat their animals like their own kids and make arrangements for the big animals which are to be used in the races.

The video of camel fighting with the animal of same class was captured by many of the viewers who had come there from different cities which were far away from the location where the fight was announced. The day was decided to be the week end so that most of the people could come and witness this huge fight.

The healthy camel owned by the rich person who happened to be the head of that tribe had all the hopes to be the winner of the fight as he has been feeding it like his own kid. At the start of the fight both the animals belonged to different tribes as well showed not much difference in their power. But the animal owned by the poor one had different skills to cope the situation and won the battle.

Camel Fight

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