Ranveer says from Operation table

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh tweeted today directly from the operation theater of a hospital in Mumbai, which tells that how much bollywood star is crazy about his social media followers. Ranveer Singh surprized his fans on social media by posting his selfie right from the operation theater.

According to the sources, some days ago Ranveer Singh had himself injured during the shooting of film Baji Rao Mastani. He had operated his left arm in a hospital . He started to send tweets from operation theater table directly.

It should be clear that Ranveer Singh did not only tweet once but he tweeted thrice from the operation table. In his first tweet he posted one of his picture with the caption Live From the Operation Theater. Then he wrote that he will be faint shortly since his operation will be starting shortly.

In the last tweet he wrote that He Injected My Neck and he was feeling little uncomfortable. This was his last tweet and he did not tweet from there as his operation had started. He is one of those Bollywood stars who are very active on the social media. He is not just active on twitter but he has posted his lots of different pictures on Instagram as well.

The shooting of that movie Baji Rao Mastani is still in progress in the absence of Ranveer Singh. Bollywood actress Paryanka Chopra is also ready for its shooting after the arrival from United States. Depeeka is also part of this movie alongwith Ranveer Singh. Ranveer Singh is one of the top actors of Bollywood industries who is very popular among the new generation and has done some hit movies before like Band Baja aur Barat and Ram Leela. Ranveer Singh would be the first one as he tweeted directly from the Operation Theater.

Image Source: indianexpress.com

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