Quran Answers Objections over Prophet Noah (A.S)’s Ark

Quran has described the incident of Prophet Noah’s (A.S) Ark which was made by the Prophet Noah so that he along with the other Muslims could jump in that arc and save themselves from the punishment of God as ordered by Allah. That Ark has been discovered on the mountain in Turkey. Arc of Prophet was discovered by a team of archaeologists.

Quran the Holy book of Muslims had already depicted the answers of the questions raised by the scientists who did not believe the discovery of Prophet Noah’s (A.S) Ark in Turkey. The officials of that country announced that the same arc that was built by the Prophet Noah (A.S) has been discovered and the news went viral in the news papers.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/NIIKa

The critics from Jews and Christians had denied it to be the same Arc. They had some objections over the authenticity of that boat. They objected that it was not possible the existence of that ark of Noah (A.S), as this incident took place six thousand years ago. But the Holy book of Muslims has all the answers to their questions.

Quran said in its verses that Allah has helped Prophet Noah (A.S) to build this huge ark. This ark was built with the woods from the tree as it has been also mentioned in the Holy book. The truth was found as the scientist also found after their analysis from the arc that was discovered in Turkey that some pieces of wood have been found with the nails made of steel.

Other verses of Quran have also answered some other objections that were raised by the critics form Jews and Christians. They objected that it was not possible for that ark of Noah (A.S) to be driven in the water for those six months without any damage. Prophet Noah (A.S)’s Ark was driven by Allah as it has been mentioned in the Holy book.

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