Public Keeps Watching Indian Girl Being Treated Badly

Incident of Indian girl being treated badly by some of the people in front of the Police men shocked the whole community and the news channel reported such incident that was shocking to the officials of the country. The police men said that they were there to stop the riots that were happening in one of the province of the country and human rights were sabotaged.

Indian girl shouted for help and called the police men too who were standing near that place where the incident was happening. Unluckily they did not come forward to save the poor girl from those monsters. It happened not for the first time, such incidents have been happening with the ladies in India but still no action has been taken yet.

The poor lady continued to ask people not to do that but they never took pity on her. The video of such incident was captured by one the lady who was present there. The reports have said that it all happened as the poor lady belonged to the lower cast group and such families have been treated badly for quite some time but police men have not been doing such actions to stop them.

The Indian girl never did anything wrong with anybody. The only thing which allowed people to treat her badly was that she was member of the lower cast family. The policemen have been boosting about their performance in the province but that incident showed the different stories.

Before Indian girl incident happened those human rights activists have been doing great work but that incident raise serious doubts about their performance. Such incidents have happened in the past and many people started boosting about protests but those protests only worked for their fame and human rights were not given to the women.

Pathetic Behavior with Indian Girl

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