Provincial Government Gives Bikes to Women

Women of Punjab are supposed to get motorbikes as the provincial government of Punjab has started a campaign for the ladies so that they could also ride motorbikes on the roads. The campaign was aimed to teach ladies of the province of Punjab the art of riding bikes. The purpose of the campaign was to empower the females.

Women empowerment might enhance the abilities of the ladies to ride alone on the bikes on the roads but this step that was taken by the provincial government might encourage bad boys to harass the ladies on the roads. The provincial government of Punjab planned to give motorbikes to females who had taken the course to learn the art of riding motorbikes.

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The news of that motorbikes distribution by the provincial government of Punjab went viral on the social media. The news was broken by the private news channels which also showed the highlights of the ceremony in which the ladies participated in many numbers. Females who had participated and showed interest in riding motorbikes were really excited.

Some women were quite excited about that news achievement by the females that have never been achieved before. They said that although they felt quite awkward riding motorbike on the roads yet they were pretty hopeful for themselves that they shall not be depended on anybody else. . Some of the people had different views regarding the campaign of distribution of motorbikes to the females since they believed ladies to be taking care of household activities.

Women empowerment program by the provincial government of Punjab might be considered as a positive step for the females but some groups of females also had some concerns about riding motorbikes on the roads since they feared that it might encourage some shameful acts by the boys and males who have been following them on the roads.

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