Private School Students Doing Unethical Activities

Private School with a coeducation system proved to be an institute when girls and boys were found doing unethical activities during their break time. The video was captured by one of the students of that institute. Although they provided tough schedule for their studies during the day time but the administration never noticed such an incident. The management of the institute did not take any notice about it.

An international school with a great reputation turned out to be a shameful one when the parents of those students got to see that video of students having fun in the break time. The activities were not ethical at all according to the code of conduct for the private institute. In the end when the video of such incident reached to the principal, he ordered every teacher and the management to keep an eye on students during break hour.

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Both the boys and girls students present there had gathered in the little backyard of their classes. Suddenly four girls of a particular group queued themselves facing one of the walls of a class room. Then they all bent their faces towards the ground making an inappropriate position. Then the same quantity of the male students jumped on their backs and one by one as if they were sitting on the horses and riding them.

A private school with such coeducation system was not supposed to provide such an activity for both the girls and the boys. The schooling of the private institute was up to the standard and it has enabled many students to pass their examination with good marks. However the parents of the students said that they might like the education system but cannot compromise on the ethics.

Many private schools and colleges knowingly provide such moments for the students so that they could feel all the liberty but they don’t compromise on ethical education. In the past many such incidents have been reported from the private institutes where the student were found having fun which did not look like an institute but those institutes appeared to be dance party clubs.

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