Principal Gets Severe Punishment from Student’s Mother

Principal got severe punishment from a student’s mother when she came to the school to take revenge of the rejection of her daughter’s decision of taking mobile phone to the school. The headmistress of the private school has been working really hard on the ethics and the code of conduct for students but this time the incident was really shocking one for the whole community of teachers and the students as well.

Principal of the private school never ever beat or punished any student but this was the strange incident that the mother of the student started to beat the headmistress up. The issue was brought to the notice of the police station as she was really upset about the difficult circumstances. The daughter of that mother, who beat the headmistress, was annoying student of the class.

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She was stopped many times by other teachers and the headmistress herself not to take the mobile phone to the school and in her class as it was causing disturbance between other students and the teacher itself. The student belonged to a high upper class, who thought that advice of the school headmistress to be a self disrespecting one.  She told after exaggeration each and everything to her mom.

The mother came to the principal office to ask for the reason of not bringing mobile phones to the school as she thought that they have been paying huge amount to the school administration for their daughter’s studies. The mother of that student wanted her to apologize to not allowing her daughter’s cell phone with her.

The principal remained calm thought-out the conversation between her and the mother of the student. The headmistress tried to make the mother understand about the ethics and code of conduct of the private school but she was not agreeing with that thing. In the end the footage of that incident revealed about that the mother started to push and beat the headmistress of the school after locking the door.

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