President Obama Reads Quran in Turkey

Istanbul: US President Obama on his important visit to Turkey quoted some verses of Quran while giving a speech. He referred Quranic verses for bringing peace in the region. During his visit to the Muslim country, he also visited some of the beautiful mosques there and he got really impressed by the beautiful architecture. He further said that USA would never be in war against Islam and Muslim countries.

President Obama also appreciated Turkey relationships with United States of America. He also recalled his visit to Indonesia during his childhood days when he heard Azan at the break of dawn. He urged that both the countries’ faith should bring them together. US President quoted verses from Quran as well and told that Allah has ordered to always speak the truth.

The head of the state started his speech in Islamic way by saying Assalamu Alaikum. Everyone appreciated him for this gesture. While telling some verses of Quran, he further said that Allah has said in Quran that He has divided people in different regions but they all should live with harmony. Using these words, President Obama spread the message of peace and harmony to people of Turkey.

The American President addressed in the national assembly where Muslims had the majority. On questions about his visit there, he said that Turkey is a great ally of United States of America and both the countries have great relations with each other. He promised to visit there in the next future meetings as well to further make the relations stronger.

Turkey had welcomed the US President Obama with enthusiasm. He also met some of the Muslim students from different fields of study to encourage them. At the end of his visit, he wished them good luck for their studies and asked the officials of his full support in the fields of education. It was successful visit of American President in all aspects.

US President Barrack Obama Reading Quranic Verses

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