Premature Birth of Smallest Baby at Hospital

A rare case of premature birth in hospital took place the other day in a foreign country when a smallest sized baby was born. The size of the baby was so small that it could be place on the palm of the hand. The weight of the baby was also very less than the normal baby. The doctors revealed the reasons of that smallest baby to be the premature birth.

Management of the hospital called for a press conference conducted by the staff members including the doctors and the nurses as well for the awareness of the pregnant women. They also called the media group of private news channels so that this news could reach to the maximum number of ladies who were supposed to be mothers in the near future.

The news went viral courtesy that press conference and with the help of the media people and doctors of that clinic. The senior doctors had advised all the ladies to take care of their health during the pregnancy so that they did not have to go through the premature birth. According to the doctors, premature birth caused for the size of that smallest baby.

The hospital staff including the doctors and the consultants asked that mother to bring that baby for the regular check up as he needed special care in the beginning of his childhood. Some doctors have said that it was like a miracle of God as that sort of cases have been rare and only God could bless His blessings on the mother of that child.

Some doctors of hospital have been calling this baby as the miracle of the God while some doctors have generalized this smallest baby as the result of premature birth that happened very rare in their whole career of medical science.

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