Powerful Goat Hits Giant Cow in the Farmhouse

In the farmhouse and little goat hit a giant cow in the head that made the cow to fall down on the ground. That looked unmatched fight between the two animals. The video of the incident was made by the owner that had many others cows present at the location there. Different animals were kept there and they were provided with their animal feed.

Farmhouse was built at an open location with lots of trees in it. The big cow was feeding its little cows with the animal feed while a little goat happened to come close to them. The big animal never had fight with any of the other animals that were being kept there.

The video of the incident was captured by the owner of the animals when it just put their feed at the place and came back. Right at that moment the little goat also wanted to come and eat that animal feed. After watching the little goat coming towards the cows, the big cow tried to threaten the little animal.

Little goat in the farmhouse wanted to eat that animal feed too but the giant cow never wanted it to be eating their feed. So the big animal just rushed towards the little animal and tried to scare it by hitting it with its head. Both the animals had a collision in their heads with each other causing both of them to fall on the ground.

Both animals fell down in farmhouse despite of the fact that the cow was very big as compared to the little cow. The goat must have hit very hard on the head of the giant cow making it to fall on the ground. The owner rushed towards to see his big animal falling down on the ground. He noticed that the cow was alright and got up for eating animal feed again.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=615


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