Powerful Animal of Animal Planet Fights for its Life

Powerful animal of animal planet fought for its life when the king of the jungle tried to attack it for its meal. The video of the fight of the two famous animals of the wild life zebra and lion was shoot by some men belonged to discovery channel. They all wanted to make a documentary on the animals’ life and how they hunt for their meal.

Well known animal of animal planet, the king of the jungle was seen attacking a strongly built zebra. The zebra was present in the forest to search for some water as it was feeling hungry. The lion slowly moved towards its victim and planned to attack the zebra of wildlife from the back. It thought zebra to be an easy victim for the meal.

The guys were so amazed to see this fight as they always saw animals fighting in the videos and never seen such fight live in front of their eyes. Everybody thought that the lion could easily make zebra its meal as it has happened in the past as well that lions always were seen eating zebras easily.

This zebra of animal planet was the strongest of all the animals that was seen before while fighting for its life versus the king of the forest. Lion grabbed neck of the zebra and hung on it until the zebra was down on the ground. The king of the forest thought that the zebra has become the meal for it in the wildlife.

But this time animal planet happened to have a fight of a zebra which was the strongest of all the animals that lion attacked so far. Zebra tried its best and used its all will and power to stand up again. It meant for him the fight of its life. It tried hard and started to kick lion when it was down although lion had a grip on the zebra’s neck. The zebra managed to get rid of lion’s grip and ran until it escaped from there.

Deadly Fight of Animal Planet between Zebra and Lion

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