Poor Man Gets Shocked By VIP Saloon

A poor man went to a VIP Saloon just a day before his wedding but he was shocked by the environment present in there. In the older days on the eve of weddings men used to get their hair cut and shave their beard to get ready as they were supposed to be good looking as groom. They never used to have makeup like women and girls in those days.

Now Saloons have become part of the preparation for the wedding for both brides and grooms. The rich people can go to any such centre or hairdresser that might cost them more than normal haircut as compared to poor people. In the posh areas they charge for wedding makeup and haircut more than any other remote areas.

The poor man was supposed to get married the next day so he had the desire to look good on his wedding day. Although he had only limited budget for this makeup but he wanted to have an experience of getting his haircut and beard shaved from the popular and VIP hair dresser shop. So he checked his pocket before entering their shop.

The VIP saloon was built in such a way that it was giving an impression of a five star hotel. Just before entering there the poor man saw a man coming out of the parlor. He was really shocked to see that a beautiful lady was taking him outside to see him off. She was saying him goodbye and asking him to please visit next time.

Poor man’s amazement got increased in Saloon when he saw the beautiful girls working inside the parlor and cutting hair and giving foot massage to male customers. He was shocked to be received at the reception with beautiful lady who used English language.

When he was done with his haircut, he got shocked as he could not understand that he was only given new hairstyle with spray and gel and never got his beard trimmed in huge amount which he had to pay. He left the saloon immediately with angry facial expressions and decided not entered again.

VIP Saloon Surprising Poor Man

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