Poor Man Gets Attacked by Dangerous Dolphin

A dangerous dolphin attacked a poor guy who got very close to the animal. The man did not know that he was going to be attacked by that deadly whale. All the tourists and other local men present there for the sunbath, could not believe what happened to the man. Nobody including the local life savers could realize that this kind of incident could happen at the sea.

The dolphin just appeared some second ago when the man was standing the bank of the sea and he did not know there was a giant sea animal present there. This sort of incident never happened before at that beach. Everybody got scared and ran towards the building near the sea as they feared of being attacked by that deadly whale too.

The video footage of the incident was recorded by the guy who was shooting the video of the poor man. All the life savers who were there to help that man, rushed towards the whale and the poor guy who was attacked. They had proper training to cope up with this kind of situation at the ocean.

The time dolphin jumped out of sea and attacked the man, the life savers rushed towards that man with their all accessories needed to save him. The man was lucky enough that the help came exact at the right time otherwise that dangerous whale could have hurt him. Those life savers had to use their whole power to combat with that sea animal. In the end they succeeded in saving the life of that man.

The video of dolphin attacking the man went viral on the internet and many people from media groups had come at the same place where the incident had taken place. It was the first incident on that ocean when a man was attacked by the giant whale. The officials of that beach started to make awareness between the tourists about the danger of going too close in the deep ocean.

Big Dolphin Attacks a Guy

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