Poor Lady Protests for Life Insurance

For Life insurance, a poor lady protested in the middle of the road in a busy day on the streets. It was shocking news for all the people who had gathered there to witness the protest of the female protester. It was a busy day of the start of the week, when a woman was seen sitting on the ground in front of a car of the Chief Minister.

Her demand was Life Insurance and medical insurance too, print media and electronic media concerned people got to know about the news of that poor lady who had to come there for the sit-in due to the injustice of the land mafia. While replying to the questions from the different NGOs and media reporters she revealed that her property was captured by the Land mafia.

The woman kept on blaming a notorious land mafia group for capturing her property. She wanted Chief Minister to take a notice on the injustice done with her. She said that she did not have any place to live and wanted her property back so that she could live there and work for the livelihood for her children and the family.

Insurance of her life, health and property were the key focused points of her protest. The video of the incident got viral on the social media and print media as well in no time which made the officials of the Government to take full notice of the issue. People were also agreeing with the poor lady who rejected the opinion of the Government by saying that Justice is given to all the people.

The protester claimed Insurance of life; health and property are the major issues which needed to be taken into consideration rather than the construction of the roads and the bridges. That lady has not been the only victim of Land mafia; there were many examples before this incident where the officials of the Government did not take any necessary action.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=481

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