Pollard Hits 6 on Last Ball In PSL

Pollard Hits 6 on Last Ball In PSL. Female Artist Surprises on Stage when she acted in a reality. Everybody thought that as if she was not performing in a drama of theater but everything was happening in real life. She depicted the circumstances with beautiful steps and emotions. She showed to take a pistol from her colleague during the drama and pulled the trigger by aiming at her head.

Everybody thought the female artist died in reality but it was all part of the theater drama and all the actors and the actresses also appreciated the work of the main character. It was all due to the talent of the lady that the audience clapped and wanted to watch that scene once more. Everybody was really impressed by the idea of the writer of the drama.

The hall was fully packed with men and women in PSL along with their kids. They all had come there to see the drama in the theater. The idea of the drama was to show the behavior of the injustice of the society with the women. The woman in the end was shown to be no more in the life. The little kids could not believe the acting of the lady in the theater since they were too small to be aware of the situation.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/wNryW

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