Pharaoh’s Mummy Enforces Scientist to Embrace Islam

Famous Scientist embraced Islam after examining the notorious Pharaoh’s mummy in 1981. That was the amazing news for all the Muslims all around the world. He was actually known as Professor Maurice. He took this step of converting his religion after some facts revealed to him that he did not accept before meeting Muslims and reading Quran himself.

All the Scientists were present at the laboratory for examining the dead body of notorious Pharaoh that was kept by the Government of Egypt in 1981. It was ordered by the president of the France to carry out research on its mummy so that they could know the reasons of his death. The mummy of the notorious king was already discovered and kept by the government of Egypt.

The Pharaoh’s death has also been mentioned in the Holy Quran and it depicted the whole incident of those days. He with his people started to disobey Allah and started to act ill deeds when Hazrat Moses was sent to save the nation of Israel. He asked Pharaoh to stop worshiping any other than the God almighty. This thing made the notorious king to go against Hazrat Moses.

The famous scientist Maurice along with his other colleagues and the officials of France gave an honor to the mummy of that king. They were giving the dead body the same honor as it is usually given to a royal person. After the ceremony the tests were carried out in famous laboratory that revealed that Pharaoh’s dead body had the signs of salt on his mummy which showed that he got died due to the drowning in the sea.

Scientist Maurice was amazed at the results of the tests and experiments. He was told by his some friends and colleagues that Muslim’s Holy book also revealed this fact. He could not believe and went to some Arabic countries to verify the news. The moment when he was told the verses of Quran which narrated that Pharaoh was drowned and his mummy was kept for the lesson of other people. Professor Maurice got amazed by this revelation 1400 years ago. He then embraced Islam.

Scientist Converted to Islam after Analysing of Pharaoh Mummy

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