People Witness Weird Incident in Grave

Grave in the graveyard shocked everyone as it started to give different noise from it. People passing through that place noticed that strange thing. They all called the religious Muslims so that they could have an idea of why these voices coming from there. Young and old Muslims of that area gathered in the night so that they could also hear the voices.

That grave looked a new one from the clay that was kept on the upper surface. The religious Muslims verified the strange voices when they reached in the graveyard. The video of that incident was made by different people who had taken their mobile phones with them at the same place. The video of that incident got viral all over on the internet.

Allah has mentioned in the holy book of Quran that the people who have done ill deeds in their lives are supposed to get punishment in the life after death. Allah has not only showed the right path to the Muslims but He has also showed the right path to the other people of different religions as well. It is up t the choice of that very person.

The grave of religious people, who have done anything wrong and have lived their lives according to the teaching of Allah and His Prophet, will not be punishing them. Other people, who have done wrong deeds as prohibited by Allah and Islam, will have punishment in the graveyard as well. The video showed exactly the same incident happened.

That particular grave that has been shown in the video started to give loud noise and people started to get scared as they all thought that the man who was buried here was being punished by the Allah as described in the Holy book Quran of Muslims. The noise looked like the heart beat of human being that could easily be heard.

Strange Noise from Grave

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