People Violate Woman Rights on Road

Woman rights were violated on the road when the civil society including the young and old people beat a young girl for doing immoral activities. A young and attractive girl was found to be doing shameful acts by being call girl in her home. The people living in that civil society had complained about her shameful acts to the police but it never took any notice.

Although woman rights have been on the top priority in some countries but yet these have been violated by the civil society itself. Many NGOs have raised this point of not going against these rights but nobody seemed to act on it. The example of the violation of these rights were seen when despite of police being there to help people, the civil society decided to beat up a young girl for  her ill deeds.

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A good looking female was asked to leave her home by the people living in that society due to her immoral acts in her home. People of that society told the media people and the NGOs that the call girl has been seen doing shameful deeds by calling different boys of her age by taking money from them.

NGOs promoted woman rights in every society by asking people to respect women and girls. In case any woman or girl was seen doing something immoral they needed to go to the police station rather than taking control of the situation by beating them up. But this time the young girl who was blamed to be the call girl, was beaten by the civil society.

The young lady’s woman rights were violated when she was beaten by the people of that society. The girl kept on denying any such activity but the people of that lane were complaining about her for quite some time. One of the ladies of that society told the media that they had complained to NGOs and police too.

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