People Get Shocked by Animal Like Woman

People got shocked by animal like woman when they went to see animals in the zoo of Karachi. Nobody could believe that it was a lady who had her body like an animal but her face resembled the woman. The video was captured by the TV anchor of the private channel when she got to know about the strange human being in Karachi.

That woman had talked to the TV anchor and the female anchor was also surprised by the appearance of the body and the face of the woman. Some people had said that it was just a stunt to attract the people at zoo to entertain the public and there was not any reality in that. The viewers said that media should not spread such fake news.

The video went viral on the social media and all over the internet. It was said that it could be the real thing but later on when the video was watched by people on internet and on social media. The woman with the animal body started talking to the anchor of the news channel and told that she has been living in that state since her birth. Small children wanted to see that woman again and again.

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