PEMRA Shows Negligence regarding Morning Programs

A negligent act in morning programs was aired on a local private channel. The famous anchor Kiran Khan used some unethical language during the show just for the sake of making fun of the other male guest who also belonged to the showbiz family. These morning shows are supposed to provide entertainment to the viewers.

These morning programs instead of providing entertainment are causing uneasiness in the viewers as they do not expect from these morning shows to discuss immoral stuff. The particular clip was taken from a morning show which was hosted by Shaista Wahidi. She had invited Kiran Khan and another TV artist in her show.

The morning show had the script to entertain viewers by singing competition as the Kiran Khan was leading the group of ladies while the other TV artist was leading the group of boys. They both were given task to sing songs. At the start of the show it went all well as the viewers who were present in that live show enjoyed very much.

The host of the program then started to discuss zodiac signs and asked both the leaders from the girls and boys about their horoscopes. The female guest then started taunting men by saying that if there was not any woman on this planet then man might have never fulfilled their desire. This was the most stupid statement that went on air. All the girls present there started laughing with shame.

The viewers of the programs had complaints about this discussion to be aired on entertainment channels. Some parents had also asked the management of the channel to censor this kind of stuff as these sorts of discussions should not be aired on live shows. Though the TV artist also had some answers to her remarks yet he ignored it as he was fully aware of the viewership of the show.

Morning Programs Destroying Society

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