Passengers Go Through Devastating Water Wave

Passengers of the car going near the edge of the river got the victim of the huge water wave in the river. Although they looked quite safe in the beginning of the water disturbance but as the flow of the water increased their car certainly was getting taken away by the water wave in the river. It all happened since their car slipped on the road due to water that had come from the river.

Passengers of that particular car tried their best to stay focused and come out of the car but the water wave that disturbed the whole river never let those young people to save them. Many people were present there at the place on that particular road near the river but they could not help the people inside the car in the middle of the river.

Water of the river was flowing at the speed of not and it looked like as if it was going to take away everything that might come in its way. The vehicle was a big one and they all thought it to stay near the beach but water flow of the river took it away with it as its wheels got slipped and went in the river.

The passengers got really scared and tried to open the door so that they all could come out of it. All the people had reached at that place to save those people in the car. All of the young people sitting in the car opened their door of the car but the flow of water took them with it and people who were standing there to record the video could not help them out. After some time the rescue team reached there and used some ropes in the river to take away the people who were sitting in the car and got the victim of the dreadful water wave in the river.

Passengers Face Water Storm

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