Palestinian Face Pathetic Women Rights Rules

Women Rights in Palestine has been occupied by the Israeli Army for long time now and they have been beating them hard since the Palestinian people kept on struggling for their human rights. A shameful video shocked the Muslims all over the world when the Israeli army buried Palestinian children alive and recorded the video of the incident.

Incident of women rights in Palestine really raised questions to the United Nation Organization for breaking the laws of the human rights by the Israeli army over the Palestinian children. They have been torturing them for so long but the United Nation Organization could not stop the bad acts of the Israeli army although they have been boasting.

The video was made by one of the Israeli army officers who were also present there and they had kept Palestinian children for no reason. This showed the cruel attitude of the Israeli army with the Palestinian children and other people also. People working for Human rights have been raising their voices and protesting for the Palestinian children who were getting tortured by the Israeli army.

Women rights of Palestine issue has been in the United Nation Organization for quite a long time now but the countries which were supposed to solve the dispute could not act upon it since the super power America didn’t help Palestinian children and people to have their human rights. Every Muslims country believed that the United States has been supporting Israeli army in occupying the territory.

Women rights of Muslims in Palestine have been continuously fighting for their human rights and never gave up since it has their territory and Israeli army did not accept that fact. The recent video that went viral on the social media; clearly showed that how cruel Israeli army has been in their country and torturing the Palestinian children. Despite of so many video and pictures of that cruel torture on the Palestinian children, United Nation Organization failed to give them the human rights.

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