Pakistan Cricket Board Video Gets Viral

Pakistan Cricket Board video got viral on the social media when Shahid Afridi gave a statement to the inquiry committee. Shahid Afridi told the inquiry committee that some of the players had intentionally under performed and they went to the boundary line to tease the girls in the stadium near boundary. The video of Shahid Afridi showed the true faces of some of the players in the team who were the reason of the loss of the team in the matches.

Pakistan cricket board had decided to take serious action against those players who intentionally did not do well. The video of the statement of Shahid Afridi was also aired on the Indian TV channel. The news channel reported the video leak in India and started to give bad comments about team players. The anchor also said that after the video, the committee should have asked for the termination of the contracts of those players.

Shahid Afridi was the Captain of the team and he said to the committee that he knew each and every player. He has been taking an eye on those players since they have been not giving hundred percent. He further said to the committee that they used to stand near the boundary line where lots of girls used to sit.

Pakistan cricket board has been asking for inquiries after the loss of series in the international matches. The committee many times found out the mistakes and the reasons of the losses. No action has been taken anytime. Shahid Afridi was looking very serious while giving statement to the committee.

Pakistan cricket board had no doubts in the patriotism of Shahid Afridi. The chairman was also worried about the performance of the senior players who did not perform well either. Shahid Afridi gave a message in the media while he was in India.

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