PAF Pilot Strikes Down Israeli Aircraft

In 1973’s combat between Arab & Israel PAF pilots took part and struck down Israeli aircraft. PAF had sent eight aircrafts with its pilots to help Arab’s combat with the Israelis who were disturbing the peace in that part. Pakistan Army is known one of the bravest in the world which has been taking part to help and save the Muslim community.

PAF fighter jet struck down Israeli aircraft and it was flown by Air Commodore Sattar Alvi. In an interview given by him, he told the whole incident which took place in that combat with the Israelis and the Arabs. PAF Commodore told that there were eight PAF aircrafts taking part in that combat. He said it was routine work for all of them to sit in the cockpit before the sunrise and then come out of that cockpit after the sunset.

Sattar Alvi further said that at that time they could only take one round to go airborne and fight. They could not stay airborne more than thirty minutes due to the limited fuel capacity. That combat lasted quite long. It was the day of 26th April 1976 when PAF commodore Sattar Alvi was in his fighter jet for a normal round to foresee the situation.

He told that Israelis always wanted to destroy one of PAF aircrafts and pilots so they could publicize in the media for unbeatable. On the other side it could have been embarrassing for Pakistan Air Force had they been hit by the enemies’ jets. Israeli pilots always wanted to go for airstrikes whenever they were in the situation when they had advantage of PAF aircrafts.

PAF pilot commodore saw a light of dust while he was in the aircraft. When he turned back to see suddenly he realized there were two Israelis aircrafts approaching him. PAF pilot reduced its speed to zero as he knew those fighter jets were not effective in a low speed. By lowering the speed PAF Pilot got the chance to aim Israeli aircrafts and shot it with the missile.

PAF Pilot Striking Down Israeli Fighter Jet

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