PAF Pilot Destroys Israeli Aircraft

It was an achievement when PAF Pilot destroyed Israeli aircraft during a combat between Arab and Israel war in 1973. Sattar Alvi, the retired Air Commodore of Pakistan Air Force described the whole incident of shooting and destroying enemy’s fighter jet with the missile. PAF aircraft named Miraj was used in that combat.

The PAF aircraft was not quite good while flying at a lesser speed which gave the upper hand to Pilot to destroy one of them. Israeli aircrafts had all the advantage over PAF fighter jets as far as modern techniques and fuel needs were concerned. Pakistan Air Force took part in that combat to help Arab’s to nullify the threat of the enemy against Muslims.

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For almost seven months PAF aircrafts took flights before the sunrise and landed back after the sunsets. That could explain the difficult situation at that time. The fighter jets could not stay airborne for more than thirty minutes since they did not have fuel in great quantity for a single round of the flight. He proves that PAF has always been the bravest force in the world.

They day when PAF commodore struck Israeli aircraft was a routine take off the PAF pilot until he saw two of enemy’s aircrafts were approaching him. Sattar Alvi, the Pakistani pilot on watching those jets reduced its speed to zero to stay airborne because he knew that they were not good fighting at a low speed.

The time when PAF pilot reduced its aircraft’s speed to zero, let one of Israeli fighter jet pass straight over his jet. He managed to face the other enemy’s aircraft in front of him. The pilot then shot the missile which took wee bit more time than the normal to strike and destroy Israeli jet. Their other fighter jet went backward to their base to escape. This incident of striking Israeli jet fighter took only thirty seconds to one minute.

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