Owner Gets Attacked by Lion

Lions of animal planet got horrific response from the Rhino which they attacked when it came to search the water alone in the forest. This was the most amazing video that was shared on the internet by some journalists who had gone to the forest to carry out some research work on the animal of this category.

Animal planet channel on the TV also showed the clip of that video which showed the true courage and never give up psyche of the Rhine enabled it to save it from the kings of the forest. This was truly brave fight back from the Rhino who never accepted its defeat and never let the lions to make it their meal for the day.

Lions had been making giant Rhinos their victims whenever they were seen along in the forest. All the lions thought it to be their last meal of the day as its family members had left it since they all thought to be in danger as well. Couple of lions tried to attack the Rhino from the back but it just continued to spin around so that it could have a look at all the directions.

Video of animal planet fight was watched by lots of people on the internet and it had gone viral to other parts of the world as well. The video of the battle between the lions and the Rhinos was made by the tourists who went there in the forest to complete some research work. They were hiding in the safest place so that during the live recording of the battle between both the animals. They themselves could not believe and felt that Rhino to be the lucky one that had not become the victim of the animals. The lions tried their very best to bring it down to the ground so that they all could have their meals but their wish could not be fulfilled.

Pet Lion Attack Guest

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