Open Discussion of Lady Doctor Annoys Public

Open discussion by lady Doctor in TV show annoyed public and the viewers of that news channel when the female guest of that program revealed some shocking facts openly to the public. The facts were regarding the married life of young boys and girls who have been talking on the mobile phones for the long hours. The host of the program could not believe that was told the guest as her words were quite bold.

The female doctor revealed some facts about the health problems of boys who have been making long calls to the girls in the nights. She explained that they could have some frustrated elements in their health which could affect of their baby’s births. The guest in the TV show told the anchor that she has been asking her female students to not to marry with those boys.

The video of that clip was quite shocking for the anchor of the program and for the viewers also. Some of the viewers of the programs who have been the young boys complained that news channel about the wording of the content in the middle of the program. They requested the officials of the news channel who have been responsible for this TV show for not showing this kind of content again on air.

The doctor has been quite reasonable in her discussion before she used some bold words. Although the facts she told the anchor were quite useful for everybody but the viewers just did not like the way she chose the wording of the content. The guest explained the host and the viewers that the boys who have been talking to the girls could have problems in their married lives regarding their baby births.

The video of the doctor having some open discussion was taken positively by the girls and some media group who considered those facts to be useful and did not complain about the anchor of the TV show. They in fact praised the information given by the female guest.

Lady Doctor

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